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Positive Perspective
The debate over Oklahoma’s water resources has created a keen competition among several groups.
Distribution of Wealth
The income gap is growing between wealthy and middle-class households in Oklahoma and the nation.
David Azerrad - Income Inequality
The Heritage Foundation’s David Azerrad believes the growing income gap between the rich and the rest of us indicates the success of American capitalism.
Kate Richey & Ryan Kiesel - Economic Inequality
We look at the growing disparity between those who have and those who have not.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1332
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the need for technical training.
A Titanic Education
From finding the Titanic to educating young people, Dr. Robert Ballard takes STEM education to new depths.
Shocking! Workers Needed
New electricians to replace retiring workers are in short supply. Meridian Technology Center flips the switch to create a new workforce with its electrical ...
Working Toward A High-Wage Income
Canadian Valley Tech Center’s two-year pre-engineering academy emphasizes academics and engineering principles to help students build strong foundations to ...
You'll Flip For The Flip
What do cosmetology, cheerleading and CareerTech have in common? You can do them all and still have an education with a career in mind.
Greg Roth - 21st Century Workforce
Oklahoma workforce specialist Greg Roth explains how we prepare workers for jobs in the 21st century.
Milk From Happy Cows
Got milk? At Mason Dairy farm there's milk aplenty -- and all of it comes from uniquely prized cows.
British Bid Calling
We travel abroad to see how an English cattle auction compares to those in the United States.
The School and Work Connection
An initiative at Duncan Public Schools helps students make the connection between what they are doing in the classroom and the world of work.
Research for Medical Cures
A CareerTech biomedical science class helped launch Nicole Biddinger down a career path she loves.
Face the Facts: Cyberwarfare
Facing facts about some little things that often seem harmless, but can grow into some very big problems.
Cybercrime - No One Is Safe
No one is safe from cyberattacks, especially state government. Protecting Oklahoma’s digital security is one large undertaking.
Cop to Cybersecurity
We visit a classroom where law enforcement has gone digital as the demand for cybersecurity professionals grows.
Patriotic or Treasonable?
Edward Snowden, a homegrown computer geek, spills surveillance secrets of the National Security Agency.
2 Million Minutes (S.T.E.M. Overview)
Value Added: New technology is helping students in Oklahoma maintain a globally competitive edge.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1336
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at FIRST Robotics, an innovative program that’s getting students excited about science, technology, engineering ...
FIRST Robotics Program
STEM education is the driving force behind the FIRST Robotics program and could very well determine our nation’s future.
Robotics: On the Road to OKC
Working with professional engineers and other mentors, students design, build and program robots for competition.
Robotics World Championship
Oklahoma students travel to St. Louis, Mo., to compete in what has been called the Super Bowl of Smarts.