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Firefighter - A Dangerous Profession
Adequate training is vital in the dangerous profession of a firefighter.
Firefighters Save Lives
The lessons taught in this classroom could mean the difference between life and death during a fire.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1324
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we focus on space and the enduring drive to discover the unknown.
Fascinating Careers in Space
Oklahoma’s Space Day raises student awareness of the rigorous curriculum required to land a career in the interesting field of aerospace.
Space Exploration Roots in Oklahoma
In an Oklahoma History Center gathering, Oklahoma astronauts commemorated President John F. Kennedy's space challenge.
Educating the Educators on Aerospace Jobs
Because the aerospace industry is key to our economic future, aerospace education needs to begin at a very early age.
Kiamichi Tech Students Excel in Advanced Classes
Students excel in advanced STEM courses at Kiamichi Tech Center and are honored as valedictorians at their high schools.
Becki Foster - STEM Education
CareerTech’s Becki Foster discusses the growing demand for STEM education in tech center classrooms.
Tom Stafford: The Man on the Moon
The Stafford Air & Space Museum includes space flight artifacts, an interactive aviation gallery spanning the history of flight and more than 20 historic ...
We're spOILed!
The movie “spOILed” looks at America's dependence on oil and gas from a perspective you don't see much these days. We visit with the film’s director Mark ...
Farm Bill Passes - Sort Of
Political controversy still surrounds the Farm Bill passed in the House of Representatives that excluded the nutrition programs.
Frank Lucas - The Farm Bill
Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., discusses the ins and outs and the relevance of the Farm Bill.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1331
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma agriculture.
Positive Change for Ag Producers
Farm incomes in recent years have turned many ag producers from net borrowers into net depositors.
John Hughes - Oklahoma Ag Hall of Fame 2013
John Hughes receives the Governor's Outstanding Achievement Award in Agriculture for his lifelong commitment and work in the ag industry.
Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year 2013
We go inside an Oklahoma classroom to meet a teacher who brings the farm to her classroom to teach everything from English to math.
Beef the Italian Way
Oklahoma cattlewomen compete to see who has the best beef recipe. Some fear the continuing drought could have long-term effects on the cattle industry.
This One's From the Girls
Oklahoma's Diamond Hats is supporting the Regional Food Bank's Beef for Backpacks program by having OYE exhibitors donate their animals to help raise money for ...
Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness
Oklahoma has seen a dramatic increase in the number of deaths related to prescription drug abuse.
Rob Standridge - Fight Against Prescription Drug Addiction
Lifelong entrepreneur Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, owns several pharmacy-related businesses and has been on the forefront in the fight against prescription ...
Serving Hard Time for Prescribed Drugs
Prescription drug addiction doesn’t often send people to rehab; we explore the impact prescription drug addiction has on our prisons.
Narcotics Make Job Hazardous
Break-ins and armed robberies at neighborhood pharmacies have increased with the growing number of prescription drug addicts.
End Results of Painkiller Addiction
Prescription drug addiction often leads to broken families and broken lives – and even prison.
What Is Global Warming?
Global warming is a hot topic issue that has scientists and policymakers taking sides.
Michael E. Mann - Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
We visit with climatologist Michael Mann about his belief that global warming is man-made and definitely affecting the world.
Global Warming - Stop Cussing and Start Discussing
Sixth-generation Oklahoma farmer Clay Pope penned a plea to the U.S. president to do more about climate change.
Jim Inhofe - Global Warming Debate
Value Added: Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., weighs in on the global warming debate and explains why he considers it an orchestrated hoax.
Does Climate Change Affect Global Warming?
Value Added: Can Oklahoma’s drought be tied to global warming?
Richard Alley - Abrupt Climate Change
Value Added: Dr. Richard Alley found widely cited evidence of abrupt climate changes in ice cores during field research in Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska.
Nicole Colston - Childhood Debate
Value Added: We visit with a researcher who has looked at how the debate over global warming has worked its way into children’s books.